3 More Days | Austin Boudoir Photography
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3 More Days | Austin Boudoir Photography

WPPI 2015 (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) is right around the corner; just 3 more days away for me!

As I was driving to pick up my son from “Mother’s Day Out” this afternoon it hit me!  Hard.  I have not been away from him for longer than 3 days since he was born.  So now, as I plan to be away for 6 days, I am feeling scared, nervous and a bit crippled in fear.  I know 100% that he will be in great hands.  That was never a question.  I think I will just feel withdrawals.  Ha!  I will definitely Skype with him and my incredible hubby and sister as often as possible, and send/receive pictures, I’m sure…  It’s just hard.

But!  On the flip side —- I am so thrilled to be able to go this year.  I worked so hard and, yes, maybe splurged a little to be able to go.  But I also recognize that I really need to reward the hard work and dedication I have put forth in this huge endeavor of becoming a professional boudoir photographer.

Just a few MAJOR things I am looking so forward to:

Las Vegas High Roller at the Linq 1

Las Vegas High Roller at the Linq 2(photo credit: The Linq High Roller)

So, yes!  I have a big, scary, exciting week ahead of me…and it will be AMAZING!  🙂

  • I hope you have fun at WPPI! I wanted to got this year, but work obligation! I hope you have a blast with Denise. i SWEAR she is one of my favorite people in the world. Trust me, you will learn ton from that hot mamacita. She is just one of my favorite photographers. I love her work and the business she has built! I can’t wait to see her later this summer at her studio!



    February 26, 2015at8:10 pm

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