BOUDOIR BADDIES: A day of pampering | Austin Boudoir Photography

Why did you book a boudoir session? What’s your story?

I dont take very many pictures and have always wanted some that makes me feel absolutely georgous, boost my confidence and show me what it is exactly my husband sees in me.

Going into the shoot, were you worried about anything?

Honestly I was worried my photos wouldn’t turn out as good as everyone else’s I had seen and worried that I would look awkward.

Looking back on the planning process, do you feel like you were given adequate information and references to help you prepare for your shoot?

Absolutely and even though I didn’t do the extras prior to the shoot as offered, my options never felt limited even once I showed up.

What is the number one reason you would recommend doing a shoot with me over any of the other photographers out there?

1- I dont own lingerie so would have no clue where to even start and try to find something that suits me, so the fact that you have everything imaginable in such a wide variety is amazing
2- you allow us paycheck to paycheck ppl to be able to afford this amazing experience and make payments

What was your favorite part of your session?

ALL OF IT! A day of pampering! 🙂

Would you have another boudoir shoot with me in the future?


What changes have you noticed in yourself after your photo shoot with me?

I can’t stop talking about it and telling everyone how amazing it makes you feel as a person/ woman! Makes you see the good things instead of the bad for once.

Would you like to add anything else about your experience? 

Can’t wait to show off your absolutely amazing work and show every woman I know that self love is real and shows with the right help! 😉

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