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“Hello, it’s me.”

Why, hello to you too!

If Adele’s new song “Hello” hasn’t brought you to your knees yet, then check out her music video.  Her makeup will definitely make you weak in the knees and pretty soon weak in the wallet too!  I am here today to let you know what you will need to achieve this look!

Eyes – Head to the nearest Sephora and pick up the “Tartelette Amazonian Clay” eyeshadow palette.  Use the shade Free Spirit over the whole lid, Natural Beauty in the crease, and Supermom for under the eye brow and the inside corners of the eyes.  Take some of Urban Decay’s “Moondust Eyeshadow” in the shade of Diamond Dog and, with a smudge brush, brush a small amount under the lower lashes.  To get that perfect winged eyeliner, every time, I suggest getting Benefit’s “They’re Real! Push-up Eyeliner” in the shade Beyond Black.  Follow up with Benefit’s “They’re Real! Mascara” and the eye’s are finished!

Face – Adele’s face in this picture is so fresh, clean and matte.  I am so in love!!  For foundation, I would use RCMA’s foundation and put it over your whole face.  Set the foundation with RCMA’s No Color setting powder.  With the Anastasia Contour kit, take the second darkest contour color and bronze those cheekbones!

Lips – For this simple lip, use some Mac lipstick in the shade Faux.

Eyebrows – Use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo and Anastasia Beverly Hills brush #18 and define those brows!

Now that you have the ingredients, put those suckers to work!  I want to see everyone recreate this beautiful look!

As always…

Be real, be you, stay beautiful!


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