Masterclass // All About the Eyes and Brows | Austin Boudoir Photography

We hosted our very first makeup masterclass with Lauren, the Torrid Boudoir makeup artist, and owner of Unleashed By Lauren…and it.was.FANTASTIC!
We started this class at Ulta. We all gathered around as Lauren explained the products we’d be using at the class. She went over which brands work the best & why. She color-matched everyone and answered our many questions. It was great!


We headed to the studio next and got to work.  Lauren’s sister, Madeline, was our model.  Our students enjoyed some pampering – an eyebrow wax and a mini table massage. It was wonderful.  We went all out for our first class.

For the makeup class, Madeline sat at the front of the room and Lauren applied the makeup while describing exactly how and why she was doing certain things. The students applied their own makeup along with Lauren. I was super impressed with all of their makeup skills!

Seriously, this group of ladies was just incredible!! They did their brows and eyes.  Check out their amazing work!


Our students had a great time and learned a lot! We will definitely be having more classes in the future!!

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