An Ode to Self Love | Austin Boudoir Photography

I have a print of Fernando Botero’s lovely ‘La Lettera, 1976’  hanging in my bathroom at home. I love his work so much. I relate to it and feel represented.

As I hurriedly stepped into the shower this morning, I saw that painting and decided immediately that between client phone calls and retouching I’d recreate it in a self portrait. I quickly clipped a few roses from my backyard garden, ran upstairs to grab my son’s plastic toy snake, dropped off my daughter at “M”other’s Day Out” and went to the grocery store to grab some fruit.
I got to my studio & posted about it in my private Facebook group. So excited!!



I decided to take this opportunity to write some affirmations and a little love note to myself on the papers that I’d be holding for the portraits.


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