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“Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m a makeupholic.”

One look into my professional makeup kit and you would think I belonged on an episode of Hoarders. Well yes, that may be true but I am here to tell you the method behind my madness… or at least my favorite brands… #closeenough

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Here are my top five brands that I cannot live without!


1.  Urban Decay – Sad to say but if I could marry these eyeshadows, I would. You want color payoff? Get the eyeshadows. Do you want your makeup that you took an hour and a half on to last all throughout the work/school day and still look slammin for that super cool gig you’re going to tonight? Get that All Nighter setting spray babbbyyy! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

2.  RCMA – “Although most commercial brands of liquid make-up contain only 18 to 23 percent of pigment to vehicle and theatrical brands are in the 35 to 40 percent range, the RCMA shades are made with nearly 50 percent pigment to vehicle, giving them a very high degree of coverage on the skin.” -RCMA “Say no more, fam! Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY” -me

3.  Red Cherry Lashes – Tired of your eyelashes looking like wings? Red Cherry Lashes are made of 100% human hair and hand stitched to best fit your lash line. Sucks that they don’t sell them in store, but Amazon Prime won’t be losing my service anytime soon. I am always stocked with #217 Red Cherry Lashes. Dude…. They are only $2.99 a pair!

4.  Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Duo… *fangirling* Kit staple… Eyebrows on fleek? Yas girl! Arches so high they are chillen in the clouds? Get this product! I spray my Anastasia brow brush #18 with Urban Decay’s B6 spray and turn the brow duo powder into a liquid to get crisp lines. For the more natural looks, don’t wet the brush. $23 well spent.

5.  Zuca – This isn’t makeup but if you need a great durable case that will organize your hoard – I mean collection – than this is what you need. I personally own the Zuca Pro Sport Artist case. #lifesaver $219 and the best investment in my whole career. That just holds my makeup… For my ‘on set’ hair stuff, I have the Zuca Artist backpack. Once again. $139 well spent.


My list can go on and on, I love makeup and makeup accessories. Just call me the Hank Hill of Makeup. Ok that was weird…

Be real, be you, stay beautiful!


Makup Mondays with Lauren

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