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Getting ready for your session can be both stressful and exciting! Much like when you’re getting married, our resident Hair and Makeup artist, Nikki, recommends a few good habits and some super affordable beauty buys that will help you treat yourself to some self love prior to your shoot.

  • Stay hydrated – drink your water to keep your skin clear, your hair shiny, and to minimize bloating!
  • Get some sleep – much like the night before Christmas, the night before your shoot can be so exciting, but you want enough shut eye so you look nice and rested and fresh faced on your special day.
  • mani’s and pedi’s are a MUST! Treat yourself to a salon day or find some beautiful neutral press ons!

PLUS, invest a little in some beauty finds you can use way after your shoot!

First up, clay masks. A perfect way to treat skin impurities and calm inflamed skin. Not only does it work well on faces, but it can be used all over your body! Our favorite one is linked here, I like to mix it with apple cider vinegar and apply once a week!

On the go and forgot to shave your peach fuzz? That’s okay. There are cheap travel razors you can buy online! Nobody has to know if you shaved your chin hairs in the car.! You can get my most recommended ones here.

A huge top secret to make your eyes pop and get your money’s worth out of your mascara: Mascara PRIMER. You know those weird looking white mascaras? Apply that directly before your black mascara. You’ll thank us later. Get the BEST one here!

Have you ever tried a lip scrub? If not, you will LOVE this one!. Soften your lips and pucker up! It’ll soothe cracked and dried lips,

Make sure you finish with a lip mask to rehydrate and plump your lips back up! This one is the BEST!!!

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