CLIENT FEATURE :: Beth | Austin Boudoir Photography

Beth is not only a beautiful & talented model, she is also an amazing boudoir photographer. She is the owner of  Lost Highway Imaging and Puppy Pinups.

I always really enjoy shooting fellow boudoir photographers because we know exactly what to expect and can really anticipate the next pose/mood/feeling in mind.  I had a blast collaborating with Beth while in Miami a couple of weeks ago during the AIBP annual retreat.

Beth and I both flew in a day early and decided to do the photo shoot in my hotel in South Beach, The Beacon Hotel.

FUN FACT: The 1983 Al Pacino film, “Scarface“, was filmed in The Beacon Hotel. At the time it was the Sun Ray Apartments.

The moment I walked into the lobby of this hotel to check in, I lost my mind.  I saw that mirror wall and those chairs.  It was sooooo perfect.  I knew Beth was bringing her gorgeous jewel bodysuit so I immediately asked for permission to shoot there & thank god the manager was okay with it! Although, I feel like we would’ve done it anyway even if he’d said no.  Ha!

Next up was this gorgeous dark olive green set. We found an awesome little blue-lit spot upstairs with an homage to Scarface himself. Beth was incredible.  She did not give a fuck and posed on as onlookers “oohed” and “aahed” over her.


By the time we wrapped up the jewel bodysuit & olive green lingerie sets, the sun had gone down and we headed to my tiny hotel room. We #madeitwork with the shitty table lamps & fluorescent lights.

When Beth pulled out this colorful, mosaic bodysuit and said no one ever wanted to shoot it, I almost died.  I loved it so much!!

Thank you, Beth, for allowing me to photograph you.  You are just exquisite.

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