Body Shame | Austin Boudoir Photography


I remember the exact moment I learned to be ashamed of my body.

I was 5 years old, inside my bedroom, alone, standing in front of my window. A small group of neighborhood kids around my age, my friends, were in my front yard on the other side of my window looking in and laughing along with me. We were all having a great time until my mom suddenly threw my door open, screaming, “Oh no, Elizabeth! Don’t do that! That’s not okay!”


She scared the shit out of me and I immediately started sobbing.


I was “flashing” my friends, pulling my shirt up and down, over & over again…exposing my round little 5 year old tummy and nipples. I had no idea I was sharing something forbidden and scandalous.


It shaped my body image and caused me to cover up from then on. I never wore low-cut shirts, only wore 1 piece bathing suits, shopped in the boys section when I was a teenager & young adult. It was always on my mind.


Discovering boudoir changed my entire world. As I became more comfortable with all kinds of naked bodies through my work, I slowly began documenting my own naked body. The more I saw it in photographs, the easier it got to see, accept and unveil publicly in my work.


I am in control of revealing my body. It’s my choice to pose nude for photos and even more my choice to share those photos where I want.


I am not ashamed of my body anymore.

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