HMUA: Unleashed by Lauren Wardrobe Stylist + Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman

I put out a model call for curvy, gorgeous women and Amanda was one of the first to respond.  It was a huge deal that she was volunteering to model because she's normally very modest & shy...but she felt like she needed to do something wild and unexpected -- something outside of her comfort zone.   She had just suffered a major trauma.  Her husband, and father of her 2 sons, abandoned them very unexpectedly.  It was a huge shock and really tested her.  But, since then, she has grown so incredibly much.  I admire her, as a woman and as a mama.

As for her boudoir session with me -- I applaud her bravery!  She truly knocked it out of the park!!

HMUA: Unleashed by Lauren Wardrobe Stylist: Meggie Copeland Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman I met Robyn, "Beau", through a friend and was SO excited to shoot her boudoir session.  I knew she was nervous but she really went with it and gave it her all.  By the time we were 15 minutes in she was taking direction on poses and which emotions to exude so perfectly.  It was incredible. The whole team had so much fun.  We were silly, laughing and also just being super sexy together!  So fun!!!!!!
HMUA: Unleashed by Lauren Wardrobe Stylist: Nekeida Pierce Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman I've known Becca for years!  I knew she had been wanting to book a boudoir session for quite some time, so I was thrilled when I saw that her mom "mominated" her for our Mother's Day session giveaway last year!  Becca had also "mominated" her own mama.  When Sandra's name came up as the winner I just KNEW I had to offer a session to Becca as well.  (See Sandra's session HERE)
HMUA:  Unleashed by Lauren Wardrobe Stylist:  Michelle Rodriguez Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman I've known Miss Sarah for years.  We've talked about her doing a boudoir photo shoot for...years.  She's an incredible actress, improv comedienne and musician.  I just knew her session would be explosive.  And -- she did NOT disappoint. It was one of those sessions where we were so emotionally connected, it was almost as if we were both on the verge of tears quite a few times.  It was inspirational, to say the least. Sarah booked her shoot as a groom's gift for her upcoming wedding.  She brought her adorable "Beauty and the Beast" themed heels.  LOVE THEM!
HMUA + Model: Ashlyn Taylor of Madame Me Makeup and Hair Wardrobe Stylist + Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman I met Ashlyn at the Stripped Down workshop in Vegas, in March of 2015 (see the blog about that HERE!).  She.Is.Incredible.  I just knew I needed her in front of my camera again, so when the opportunity arose I booked her in immediately. Not only is Ashlyn a gorgeous model, but she's also an incredible hair + makeup artist.  She owns Madame Me Makeup and Hair in Hayward, California.  She did her own HMU for our shoot, along with all of the HMU at the Stripped Down workshop.
HMUA: Unleashed by Lauren Wardrobe Stylist: Michelle Rodriguez Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman Sooooo...this is pretty funny.  When I went to Nikki's house for her pre-session consultation, she reminded me that she was probably the first person I had ever photographed in a sexy and intimate way.  Get this ------ back in high school, Nikki and I both went to a hotel birthday party for a friend of ours.  There were about 6 of us 10th grade girls giggling, being silly, blasting music and movies in a big hotel suite.  Well, apparently, I decided to do a photo shoot of my friends (I do vaguely remember this now!) with my Polaroid camera.  I posed a few of them in white sheets and sexy poses.  Haha!  I was meant to do this!!

HMUA: Unleashed by Lauren Wardrobe Stylist: Michelle Rodriguez Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman

I created my annual Mother's Day giveaway and was so excited with how many women responded to it!  The rules were to "Mominate" a deserving mother you know and love to win a FREE boudoir session.  Then, I entered all of the "mominees" into a random winner generator and Sandra was the winner!  The really cool thing about Sandra was that she and her daughter both "mominated" each other!  I loved that!  So, I decided to go ahead and extend the win to Becca, her daughter, as well.  Sandra booked her free session first; Becca scheduled hers for the following weekend.

Sandra was to photograph.  She got SO into it and just oozed confidence and femininity.  See what I mean?!!

HMUA: Unleashed by Lauren Wardrobe Stylist: Michelle Rodriguez Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman   My friend Melissa had been considering booking a boudoir session with me for quite a while.  She'd worked so hard and lost some weight and the moment she saw a special I ran for a "buy one, get one" bestie session, she jumped on it.  I think signing up for it with a friend felt less scary...which makes total sense if you have never done this kind of intimate photo session before. She originally signed up with an old friend, but things fell through.  She then decided to offer the other session to a work acquaintance that was becoming a friend.  I'm thrilled to say that these two ladies have been inseparable best friends ever since.  Planning their bestie photo shoot together brought them so close immediately.  They even traveled on a cruise together a few months after their bestie boudoir session!  So cool!
  My team and I tried a fun little set up at a session last April and I immediately fell in love with the results.  So I've done it again and again at a lot of my following sessions.  I've decided to make it a sort of project.  I'd like to eventually make a little book of them all.  With the help of my makeup artist and wardrobe stylist/assistant, we sweep a sheet over the client over and over and capture her between the sheets, between the sheet falling over her face and body. I am calling this project "Between the Sheets".  I request that my clients wear a white crochet or lacy top.  They can also choose to be nude.  It always works so well in the white sheets.

HMUA + Model + Wardrobe Stylist: Kelley Stafford Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman I am blessed to call this beautiful woman my friend.  Kelley is a fellow boudoir photographer (The Boudoir Belle) located in Birmingham, Alabama.  I met her online, in a Facebook forum for boudoir photographers and we...

HMUA: Unleashed by Lauren Wardrobe Stylist: Nekeida Pierce Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman She's silly, she's stubborn, she's outgoing, she's fun to be around, she's determined, she's adventurous, she's her son's #1 fan!  She needed to be reminded that she is also sexy, sultry, feminine & gorgeous...

HMUA + Wardrobe Stylist: Michelle Rodriguez Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman "I feel like I can still be sexy again, whereas before, I started to give up.  I hid in my yoga pants and t-shirts." Miss Erica is a busy 38 year old mom of 2, a fantastic hair stylist...

HMUA: Unleashed by Lauren Wardrobe Stylist: Brooklyn Medrano Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman Emily is THE sweetest girl you will ever meet.  Ever.  Ask any of her friends.  Truly an incredible woman.  She is ALSO the biggest Spurs fan you'll ever meet.  So, of course, when she booked a session,...