Chez Garage | Austin Boudoir Photography


HMUA: Nikki Blackburn – Hair Stylist
Handmade Earrings: Fringe and Fox
Photographer: Katia Forero Photography


I am a big believer in practicing what you preach. I do my best to step in front of a camera as often as I can…whether it’s my own camera for self portraits, or in front of a fellow photographer’s camera. It’s great to continue to be vulnerable, just like my clients do with me.


A local women’s portraiture photographer, Katia Forero, created a photo project during quarantine that she calls “Chez Garage”. So genius! She travels to her clients homes and sets up a mini studio in their garage, plays some fun & sexy music on a little speaker and gets to work!


I’ve had my photos taken probably over 30 times by professional photographers. This session with Katia is legit the ONLY time I’ve ever liked in the gallery. She did such an amazing job and it was so damn fun. Super fucking hot & sweaty — thanks Texas! — but soooo fun!


Thank you so much, Katia! I had a blast with you!


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