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Hello Ladies!

Last week, we went over the importance of knowing the color wheel :: REVIEW = It has three categories – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.  We also talked about some color combinations that work well with each other to create the best possible look.

concealer shades(Photo credit: MakeUp & Beauty Blog)

Not only will the color wheel help you decipher which eyeshadows to use, but it can also be used to correct any problem areas on your face creating a smooth blank canvas.  There are seven different colors of primers or concealers on the market that will help neutralize unwanted under tones in your skin.  So remembering that colors directly opposite on the color wheel cancel each other out will help you determine which shade to choose.

Starting off with the biggest problem area :: Under Eye Circles

They are annoying, ugly, and leave it to genetics and lack of sleep to crown me queen of them.  Well, getting rid of them with makeup is easy!  I go for the peach toned concealer with a hint of yellow to get rid of the purple tones.  Also, I tend to go for a shade or two lighter than my skin tone in order to brighten my eyes up.

Next on the list :: Problems With Redness

Rosacia, acne, sunburn — you name it! — can all be covered with a green or yellow tinted concealer.  Lavender is for sallow undertones.  Hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, sun damage, tattoo coverup and freckles can be neutralized with any orange based concealer.  Use a deeper shade of orange for more serious coverage when needed.  If your foundation is too warm for your skin, try adding a hint of blue to cool it down.

Always remember to use every color as sheer as possible.  Using too much of the product tends to make your skin appear grey.

concealer target areas(Photo credit:

Being that I apply people’s make-up professionally, I have been through trial and error with almost every brand on the market.  As I said in a previous blog (CLICK HERE to read it), my favorite tinted primer is the Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer.   As far as concealers go, I LOVE and highly recommend NYX.  They offer quality HD concealers for the budget shoppers price!  Have fun shopping, ladies!  😉

Stay you, stay beautiful!



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