Q+A: How Did You Get Into Boudoir? | Austin Boudoir Photography

This is a question I’m asked very often:

How did you get into shooting boudoir?

I originally fell in love with photography back in high school in the dark room with an old film camera of my Dad’s.

I went to college & became a certified Recreation Therapist, then taught Special Ed for a few years. I got pregnant with my son and quit my teaching job. I had my boy and then bought a fancy digital camera to take photos of him. That’s when I remembered how much I loved photography.

So, I made it my goal to shoot everything I could, with the intention of finding exactly what I loved and felt most passionate about. I shot everything — weddings, births, families, newborns, seniors, etc…

Then, I asked a close friend if she’d model for a boudoir session with me. Thank goodness she agreed because I fell immediately in love with it. I finished out all of the previous non-boudoir bookings I’d had on the books and from then on, only took on boudoir sessions.

We went to a local lingerie shop to pick out a few outfits together beforehand. Back then, we didn’t have any fancy hair & makeup. I played some music on my cell phone.

I watched my friend blossom right in front of my eyes. At first, she was super shy and changed her outfits in the bathroom, etc… By the end of the shoot, she was casually putting her clothes back on while chatting with me in the living room. She was so comfortable in her own skin. It was beautiful.

I knew right then & there that I NEEDED to do this. I was “home”. It just clicked and fit for me.

I never looked back after that. And here we are! I’m totally #addictedtoboudoir and, quite honestly, obsessed with helping women see themselves through another person’s eyes. It’s magical.

I believe in the healing power of boudoir!

It heals me each time, as much as it heals my clients.

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