Keeping the Love Fire Alive! | Austin Boudoir Photography

Photographer :: Phil Flories

In honor of the #tbt craze, I’d like to take it back to my wedding day, October 8th, 2005! I am lucky enough to have married my high school sweetheart, Neil. It was a beautiful day, spent with close friends and family, with an amazingly messy & tasty BBQ dinner and great tunes DJ’d by my cousin Steven. Very laid back, very low key. Very intimate and personal… Just the way I wanted it!

I’d like to move on to something, also simple, that my husband and I did together a few months ago to help keep our “love fire alive”! We each sat down and wrote out a few lists in a brand new, fancy notebook to share with each other. The first was titled “Things That Make Me Feel Loved”. The next was “The Perfect Relationship”. And last was “The Perfect Date”. All very good, important things to know about each other! It was enlightening, to say the least.

One of the most important things I found out about Neil and the way I was loving him was that I was showing love in the way that I needed it. For example, I would LOVE it if Neil randomly snail-mailed me a little love note. Well, I do that for him quite often. And he was doing the same kinds of things… We were basically missing each other’s displays of affection a lot of the time.

Something as simple as a notebook, a pen and an hour of your time can make the BIGGEST difference. It did for us, at least, and I am grateful for that!

Have an incredible Mother’s Day weekend, fellow mamas! <3

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