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Make-Up Storage

Hello ladies!

Over the years I’ve acquired more and more make-up.  More make-up = more storage.  Usually, it doesn’t matter if you have a few items of make-up or a TON — storage is, 9 times out of 10, included in your kit.  The hard part nowadays is finding the right bag/case to fit ALL of your needs.  It used to be easy.  Just walk into a store and grab that awesome hot pink, hard plastic “Caboodles” case and you were automatically top notch (see awesome photo below)!

Mirror 80 Caboodles Torrid Boudoir(Photo credit: Mirror 80)

Now they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures and probably smells (if you’re into that sort of thing).  Today I’m going to cover the different categories of make-up bags and help you determine why, or if, you would need it.

 Let’s Get Started

Let’s start small.  First up is the small, average bag.  It’s usually composed in some sort of material, plastic or fabric, with a zipper.  I call this my “On The Go” bag.  It’s big enough to hold my essential needs, yet small enough to carry in my purse for on the go touch ups.  In my small bag I carry foundation, a small eyeshadow palette, a small blush, lip gloss, one eyeliner, mascara and some travel size brushes.

Not On The High Street Small Make-Up Bag Torrid Boudoir(Photo credit: Not On The High Street)

Next — the square makeup case. Now, this one is big enough to hold all your personal makeup necessities. They also come with different compartments for organizing. The same thing goes for the rectangular as well.

Laurie Flower Square Make-Up Case Torrid Boudoir
(Photo Credit: Laurie Flower)

Now this is when we get into the more difficult understand bags.  Now, those, my friends, are the giant boxes they call “Train Cases”.  They usually come on wheels and have a pull out handle to wheel around.  They are for the more avid or inspired make-up artist.  They have a hard outside shell which helps keep the makeup from getting broken while traveling.  They can also be opened and fanned out into many different compartments.

Live Internet Train Case Torrid Boudoir(Photo credit: Live Internet)

I recently ordered myself a very large train case.  It’s called the “ZUCA Pro Artist Sports Bag”.  I LOVE IT!!  It has a steel frame which is covered in fabric.  The front zips open and 5 clear, large make-up bags can fit inside with room to spare.  The top of the bag has a steel top that can hold up to 300lbs.  That was one of the selling points for me. My feet get tired from standing up and doing make-up all day.  All I have to do is turn my bag around and sit! On the sides of the bag are compartments to hold extra things. I put my drapes on one side and my makeup brush belt on the other.

Skaters Edge Shop ZUCA Bag Torrid Boudoir
(Photo credit: Skaters Edge Shop)

It’s so hard to describe my bag to others because it is pure awesomeness!!!  SOOOOO…. coming up really soon, I’m going to show you all MY make-up kit!  Yay, I’m excited.   🙂

Stay you, stay beautiful!



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