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There’s nothing better on a Sunday morning than sitting on your back porch with a super large cup of coffee and browse the crazy makeup tips on Pinterest. Whether it’s exfoliating with coffee grounds mixed with rosemary leaves to cooking and baking things on your face… I am here to let you know that you should have no fear! Most of these strange tips actually work! These are my top 5 strangest routines that I feel everyone and their cat should do! Well maybe not the cat, but you get what I mean.

Cooking should definitely not stay in the kitchen! Every time I put liquid or cream makeup on a client, I let it sit for about 10-15 minutes before I really buff it in. Your body will heat the makeup up just enough to help it glide and settle in all the right places.
Banish upper lip sweat. Sweating happens to us all, however it can ruin a great makeup look. My top lip is the first area that starts to sweat when I’m too warm, or rushing. Your makeup gets patchy and lipstick starts to feather! Eww! To avoid this, let’s bust out our deodorant! You can buy specific facial antiperspirants, however, I currently use a Nivea one that seems to be working really well.
Shaving/waxing your whole face. I had a client that would always come in and ask me to wax the sides of her face along with her lip and eyebrows. I wondered, “who on earth would do that?” That’s until I stumbled across this badass article that was talking about how a smooth face will make your makeup lay better. KEEP IN MIND makeup will not adhere to freshly waxed skin. If waxing is the way you want to go, just know, it can take up to three days for your makeup to stick to your skin.
DIY Falsies! Double crusted eyelashes? Mascara that reminds you of prepping fried chicken? As weird as it sounds, this works! Take your favorite mascara and apply one coat. Take baby powder and with a q-tip, brush the baby powder on your eyelashes. Put another coat of mascara on afterwards and BAM! Lashes for days, thicker and longer!
Peppermint oil in your lip gloss. Why dish out 40 bucks for that super awesome lip plumper when you can DIY it? Add a drop of dōTERRA peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss for that perfect plump effect every time!  <3


So now that we know some hacks work, give them a try and let me know your results.

As always…

Be real, be you, stay beautiful!


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