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Sadly, the majority of male boudoir is satire and jokey… It’s part of my mission to show men that they too can model for boudoir and it does not have to be a parody or just something silly.


Men can be & feel sexy at ANY size, just like women. And they don’t have to be the butt of a joke while doing just that.

My friends and I photographed Josh last month at Camp Do More in Canada. He was one of the Camp Timberlane Counselors and was so freaking adorably goofy and sweet.


When he was dropping us off at our car on our last day I asked if he’d been shot by anyone during camp that week. He said “Nah. But I mean, look at all of the OTHER guys everyone had to choose from!”


The 5 other male counselors were “traditionally good looking” — 6 feet tall with 6-pack stomachs.


His words broke my heart.


My friends & I got settled into our car & started driving away from camp, heading to the airport. But instead, I quickly told them about my conversation with Josh and we all immediately decided to turn around and go shoot him together. It was actually Josh’s birthday that day too! #BestBirthdayEver — being shot by 4 boudoir photographers!!


Toward the end of our little shoot, Emily asked Josh to dance. He’d mentioned that he danced professionally for Missy Elliott for years when he was a teenager.






So, cheers to Josh and happy belated birthday!


Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of Jen Swedhin doing her thang with Josh.


She decided to take a break from work this time around and didn’t bring her camera to camp. Her iPhone camera did the job.


I’ve spoken to Jen about coming down here to my studio to do a male boudoir marathon. She’d shoot and I’d do the rest. Male Boudoir is her specialty and she’s amazing at it!


What do y’all think? Do you have any men is your lives that would be interested in this option?

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  • Myles Martinez
    Posted at 16:11h, 26 July


    I am interested in a male boudoir. Over the past year I have taken an strong interest in the art form of boudoir but I have seen very little representation for males in the industry. At least in Texas. I live in San Antonio, TX. If you are still looking for male models I would be interested in speaking with you.

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