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Hey everyone! The name’s Meggie.

Yes, just Meggie.


To those of you who don’t know my background, I’m here to share a bit of that with you.


I moved to Austin 2 years ago this August, from a small conservative town not too far from here. I came to Austin with a dream of styling and creating characters on film sets, but my heart has always been with the sexposi/feminist movement.


Styling boudoir shoots has always been a strong goal of mine, as well. (Who would pass up a chance to help a woman feel beautiful and sexy?!) Torrid Boudoir is one of the first all women run boudoir teams that captured first my eyes and, later, my heart.


I first had the pleasure of joining Elizabeth & Lauren for a model session. Beau, our stunning model, was easy going and an absolute joy to shoot, which made the five look shoot go by with ease. The team behind this project made the hours feel as if I was spending time with dear friends, not just colleagues. They brought an energy I had been searching for – fierce but gentle, classy but hella sassy. I knew that day I was home.


A few months passed by due to real life happening for all of us beyond Torrid Boudoir. But luckily the crazy subsided (as much as it could), and we’ve recently had the chance to come together again and slay as a team.


The shoot we recently shot, where I had the honor of only styling, but also modeling, was one of my favorite collaborations ever, to date.


The space Elizabeth has created is so inviting, so invigorating – full of this feminine energy that charges one with sexuality, beauty, and true comfort. The soft touch she has while shooting and coaching one through sessions makes being in front of a camera fun instead of intimidating, which is something I think photographers forget to think about these days.


Lauren made me fully break out of my comfort zone with the makeup, but you know what?


I have never felt more daring or more myself than I did in those few hours.


The Torrid Boudoir team is truly a dream. One I am delighted to call home and work side by side with.





Thank you so much for joining our team!!  We are so happy to have you and can’t wait to start working together.


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