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Did you know when you sign a model release, there are multiple options?

Most importantly, when you sign any kind of model release, the images are not tagged with you or connected to you in any way. I don’t even use your name. When you sign a model release, not only are you allowing me to share my art, but you’re also inspiring potential clients that may look like you to book a photo shoot for themselves. How cool and empowering is that?! Representation matters and it’s important to see yourself and feel like you relate to the women in the photographs.

One really nice perk of sharing your images is the feel-good emotions that come along with it. It feels amazing to be lavished with love and recognized for doing something so big and important in your self love journey by your friends and family! It always makes my day when my clients post on their own profile about their session and are flooded with support from their people.

It especially makes my day when my clients share their images in my private, ladies-only Facebook group!! It’s called The Self Love Club, so it’s especially lovely when my clients share their photos in there. It’s an act of SELF LOVE!

How are the released images used/shared?

I share images with a model release on my social media accounts: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc…as well as in this VIP group and on my website/blog.

I also create printed sample products with released images. When you come to the studio for your session, you’ll see sample wall art hanging up throughout the studio. You also see sample albums & photo gifts.

Any images you’ve seen of mine have graciously had a model release granted.

I have tons of clients that don’t share ANY photos, and that’s totally okay. It’s completely up to you and there is absolutely NO pressure to sign a release.

The Model Release Options:

Full Model Release – You give me permission to share any and all photos in your gallery.

Partial Model Release – You choose which images are released to be shared. Some clients say “full model release, but no nipples”, etc… That’s a pretty common type of partial release.

Anonymous Only – Only non-identifying images will be shared. The photo attached to this post is an example of an anonymous image.

No Model Release – Your images will stay completely private. Only you & I will have access to them. Forever & always.

Again, there is never any pressure to sign a model release. It’s a personal choice and makes no difference to me. Even doing a boudoir photo shoot is a massively brave, vulnerable & intimate thing to do for so many people. So, kudos to you for just making that big step in self care and self love!

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