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We moved at the beginning of this month into my childhood home.  It’s been a crazy busy last few weeks.  I finally took a bath in my new huge tub and my hubby came in and snapped a couple of shots of me.  I’m really impressed with his focus on this one!  He nailed it!  😉

All the sudden, though, mid impromptu photo shoot, it dawned on me that i hadn’t felt the baby kick or move around in the last day and a half.  I sat up and told Neil and he immediately put my camera down, instructed me to get out of the tub right away and he ran to the kitchen to grab the awesome Doppler machine my beautiful friend let me borrow a few months ago.

I stayed calm and let Neil do the worrying.  At the same time Utah, our 5 year old, came downstairs from his hour long “quiet time” break and was eager to help.

We found the heartbeat right away, thank god, and then let Utah try to find it himself.  It was so beautiful.  He found it immediately.  <3  And it was extra beautiful because Neil got a shot of him getting it!  My sweet little helpful little doctor!

Motherhood. | Pflugerville Boudoir Photography

This is motherhood.  Being surrounded by my family and being taken care of…and taking care of them.

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