In Her Words: Mrs. M, Part 2 | Austin Boudoir Photography


My favorite quote is “She believed she could, so she did.”  – R.S. Grey


So today was the big photo shoot and let me tell you, Torrid Boudoir is the ultimate experience. They have it perfected, every detail down to the music. Nothing is left to chance and everything is prepared. From the note on the door with my name to the gift bag at the end, it was a completely inviting experience.


The team works like a well oiled machine moving in sync to the same dance. Talented, Talented, Talented, each a master at her trade.


Lauren — the makeup artist and hair stylist. She had the ability to paint my face and fix my hair that allowed the perfect balance of sexy and self recognition. She also indulged my blush fetish for which i’m grateful. She was the exact mix of calm and confident that I needed to put me at ease to start the process.


Meggie — the wardrobe stylist. This little piece of pixie cut dynamite keep the energy light and fun the whole shoot. Her styling was impeccable and her commentary during the shoot was more than encouraging. Her dancing was a welcomed distraction from the fact that i was nude in front of strangers.


Elizabeth — the photographer. The camera is an extension of her body and soul. This is a woman who has found her calling. Her beauty and confidence in herself draws it out of you. There is a gentle beat to the rhythm of her voice as she is encouraging you to push past your own fears and limitations. A soft soul with a true gift.


How do I describe the experience?


Glamorous, Terrifying, Ego Boosting, Exhilarating, Bonding, Humbling.


For a moment in time I felt as if I was some kind of Hollywood pin up. I got to step out of my life of sales calls, housework, kids shuttle service and 43 yr old mom attire. For once I stood completely stripped down and did not focus on what I wanted to change, instead we all focused on what we wanted to showcase. I cant wait to see the photos!


– M
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