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Ms B is the best friend of an amazing past client of mine. I knew I’d love her because I absolutely love her bestie!! Also — THAT HAIR!!!!!!! The minute she walked in for her consultation & studio tour, I gasped to myself and crossed my fingers that she’d book! Ha!!

She is so sweet and genuine. She went from being super nervous, like all of my clients, to truly opening up, letting go and fully trusting the process. Not only did she end up choosing to add on implied and artistic nudes during her shoot — she also signed a FULL MODEL RELEASE, something that was huge for her. I’m always so excited when my clients choose to share their photos because it’s an additionally empowering experience to put themselves out there like that.


Why did you book a boudoir session? What’s your story?
I booked this session to celebrate my 40th birthday but more importantly to practice radical acceptance in acknowledging that my body is valid, strong, sexy and beautiful. I wanted to challenge myself to accept myself just as I am.

Going into the shoot, were you worried about anything?
I was a little nervous about feeling or being awkward.

What would you tell other women about doing a boudoir shoot with Torrid Boudoir?
You have an amazing energy that is welcoming, delightful, joyous and empowering. The photography skills speaks for itself (I mean, WOW), but the person behind the camera is what truly made this experience exceptional. I’ve had a variety of professional photos taken before and I’ve never felt a photographer has been better at making me feel at ease and delighted with the process.

What was your favorite part of your session?
Getting all dolled up was fun but honestly working with you and trusting the process as you helped me lose was the best part for me.

What changes have you noticed in yourself after your photo shoot with Torrid Boudoir?
I feel that it’s been easier to say “My body is strong. My body is mine. My body is beautiful.” and really believe it more.

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