CLIENT FEATURE :: Outside Of Her Comfort Zone | Austin Boudoir Photography

HMUA: Unleashed by Lauren
Wardrobe Stylist + Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman

I put out a model call for curvy, gorgeous women and Amanda was one of the first to respond.  It was a huge deal that she was volunteering to model because she’s normally very modest & shy…but she felt like she needed to do something wild and unexpected — something outside of her comfort zone.   She had just suffered a major trauma.  Her husband, and father of her 2 sons, abandoned them very unexpectedly.  It was a huge shock and really tested her.  But, since then, she has grown so incredibly much.  I admire her, as a woman and as a mama.

As for her boudoir session with me — I applaud her bravery!  She truly knocked it out of the park!!







Q+A with Amanda

Why did you book a boudoir session? What’s your story?
I had just gone through a traumatic separation from my husband after he abandoned me.
Going into the shoot, were you worried or nervous about anything?
I was scared I would look fat, and am generally pretty modest so this was out of my comfort zone.
Looking back on the planning process, do you feel like you were given adequate information and references to help you prepare for your shoot?
Definitely!  I made the mistake of not ordering a few outfits in time and wasn’t able to shoot in them.  I would definitely recommend, like their website says, to order early!
What was your favorite part of your session?
All of it! Super empowering.
Would you have another boudoir shoot with Torrid Boudoir in the future?
One day!
What changes have you noticed in yourself after your photo shoot with Torrid Boudoir?
I feel more confident in myself.

Amanda, thank you so much for being so brave and strong.  You are one of the most amazing women I have ever met!  XOXO

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