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I knew Sarah was someone I would love the moment I met her.  She came to our VIP event earlier this year and was a little shy, but so gentle and so sweet.  She seemed so intrigued by the whole process — hair & makeup, outfits, posing, just everything.  She booked her session that day and the more I got to know her during her phone consultation, planning on Pinterest & when she arrived for her session, the more I fell in love with her.


Take a moment to read her thoughts on the Torrid Boudoir Experience and take a look at her stunning photos.  She really came out of her shell that day.  I vividly remember, and will never forget, when she came out of the bathroom/dressing area and literally jumping for joy in that gorgeous rose colored crushed velvet bodysuit. It was amazing seeing her embrace herself and show how excited she was to get started!



When Bodies Are Made to be Celebrated
by Sarah

I grew up feeling like the female form was somehow wrong. It’s tragic how young that shame creeps in how this thing of bone and skin and blood that is necessary for survival is so demonized. I was taught that God had created both the male and female forms and called them good. But right alongside that I was taught my body was a stumbling block and was meant to be covered lest I cause others to fall.
For me, learning that my body is good and was meant to be celebrated and enjoyed was a long process. My body is not scary, and it’s certainly not evil. The reason I wanted to have a boudoir session with Elizabeth and her team is so that I could inhabit a piece of that knowledge. I wanted to stand in front of a mirror without shame. These are my breasts and they are good. This is my ass and it’s good. It isn’t something meant to be owned by another, nor is it something in and of itself evil. Those parts are as benign as the curve of an arm, or the slope of a shoulder. All are part of me. They are mine and they are good.
I feel like the images speak for themselves.














I had so much fun with these women. Elizabeth gave me detailed instructions about how to move my body and where to put my hands, as needed. We were on a team trying to create this feeling, this story. She constantly cheered me on, reminded me to keep my toes pointed, or to relax my brow. She was shooting pretty much the whole time so when I did “break character” it was fine, and even fun. We laughed and then got back to work.
She caught more pictures of me laughing and smiling then I realized. It’s a real portrayal of the progression—sexy shot, serious shot, eyes looking down the body, eyes at the camera and then, Sarah being a goofball. My gallery looks and feels like me. And it accomplished what I wanted. It was one day, but I look at these pictures and there is peace between me and my body.
The time I spent with Elizabeth and her team is something I will treasure. It was healing and freeing and empowering.













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