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I had the honor of being a featured sponsor on opening night of the “Shameless Dames” show this past April.  “Shameless Dames” is an Austin, TX improv show based on “Broad City”, the incredible Comedy Central hit.  Sam Schak, a former Torrid Boudoir client, the co-founder of “Shameless Dames”, contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in sponsoring a bad ass, female empowerment show she helped create.


The only issue was that I would be 8 months pregnant at that point.  Being a sponsor for an improv show meant going on stage and performing an improv skit.  That made me super nervous, but growth happens when we are pushed outside of our comfort zone.  So I contacted Lauren, our hair & makeup artist, and Sarah, our wardrobe stylist.  I had to make sure that they were game — luckily, they were!

We all had such a blast!!  Our “clients”, Margaret and Laura Lee, were up for anything.  Margaret played as if she was totally unprepared for her shoot, wearing a plain black bra, bright hot green booty shorts and a red flowery necklace.  Her friend happened to show up and wanted to jump in, making it an impromptu couples session.  Silly stuff!






Check out Sarah, assisting Laura Lee with pointing her toes for the most perfect pose!  Ha!




Like I said, these girls were amazing and so much fun!  Thanks Sam, for including us!  Love you!


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