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As we’ve seen in the past, my Body Image Bootcamp sells out super fast so if you’re interested and ready for the 6 week course this summer – SIGN UP NOW! 


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body image bootcamp

What is Body Image Bootcamp?


The intent of Body Image Bootcamp is to explore your body image, educate you on why we believe the bullshit we do, and empower you to take control of your thought processes, thus enabling you to move forward and work toward more important things!


Our bodies are literally born to die. When we put so much worth into what they look like — what happens to us when our bodies start to age? To break down?


Society has taught every single human being that they are not worthy and that there is always something that needs to be fixed. Body Image Bootcamp is there to provide tools for women to start changing their mindset.


I have been through the bootcamp myself and am now a trained facilitator. This is possible because of my mentor, Teri Hofford.


Body image gets in the way of women accomplishing amazing things, and I truly think once we get past it, we will have so much more energy for the important things in this one life we are given.


I am going to ask questions that get you thinking about why you think the way you do about your body.


Body Image Bootcamp is a course designed to kick start women’s journeys to self love and acceptance.


Reserve your seat by CLICKING HERE.





• June 19th – July 24th: Wednesday evenings 

• 6-8pm

• Classes will meet at the Torrid Boudoir studio located in Pflugerville 


Find more detailed info by CLICKING HERE.


Reserve your seat by CLICKING HERE.

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