CLIENT FEATURE :: That One Time I Picked Up a Girl at a Bar | Austin Boudoir Photography

HMUA: Molly Makeup
Wardrobe Stylist: Nekeida Pierce
Photographer:  Elizabeth Zimmerman

She walked past me, in that smoky Austin karaoke bar and I literally felt a magnetic pull toward her.  I immediately walked over to her and yelled, over the bad singing, that I was a boudoir photographer and that I NEEDED to shoot her.  [ I figured — what the hell?! ]  I handed her my card, asked her to please email me and walked away praying she would.

A week later, she did!  Woo hoo!!!


“It takes a truly gifted eye to be able to capture such beauty from women of any shape or size.  You know your photographer is fabulous when she takes pictures of you and and your response is ‘Wow, that’s me?!’  Not only are the finished photos amazing, but the entire experience makes you feel so beautiful and sexy!”     – Meranda










Q+A with Meranda

Why did you want to do a boudoir session? What’s your story?
I love taking pictures but have always struggled with confidence and self esteem.  Just the fact someone wanted to take pictures of me made me feel “good enough”.  I’ve never been slim and was abused in every way for many years.  It’s been a journey and I’ve just recently allowed myself to see beauty when I look in the mirror.  This experience helped me to overcome a barrier that has existed since a young age.


Why did you choose Torrid Boudoir?
Elizabeth was very sweet and informative.   She made me feel comfortable and confident in her love for curves and photography.


Going into the shoot, were you worried about anything?
I was horribly nervous and scared.


What was your favorite part about your session with Torrid Boudoir?
The ladies were so nice yet professional.  Each woman not only was extremely talented but their passion for what they did reflected in their work.  I felt like a star.


If you could tell future clients one thing about booking with Torrid Boudoir, what would it be?
Don’t over think it.  Just let go and have confidence in the team.  If you’re willing to do what you’re told, you can create magic!


What changes have you noticed in yourself after your photo shoot with Torrid Boudoir?
I’ve noticed I’m a little more willing to take risk and experiment with sexy outfits that I normally wouldn’t dare


Thank you Meranda, for allowing me to photograph you.  You are truly an exquisite woman!!

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