The Secret Garden | Austin Boudoir Photography

Welcome to Misselthwaite Manor…as you enter, you will find yourself lost amongst the flowers and brush, however, hidden behind natures takeover is a small cottage. You open the door to find yourself transported to a new world.

A world filled with crystal infused rainbows, clawfoot tubs, greenery as far as the eye can see, and…is that a mirror? You take a glimpse at yourself through the looking glass to find, you look incredible! You feel incredible! This landscape of beauty has encompassed you, and you fall right into it.

Welcome to the newest offering from Torrid Boudoir, The Secret Garden. Our newest set, tucked away in the back yard of the studio, it features a stunning vintage chaise, oversized clawfoot tub, bright beautiful floral and greenery, crystal chandelier, everything to make you feel lost amongst the garden.

This set is a specialty add on set, meaning you can add it to your shoot while you’re at the studio or plan it ahead of time for your upcoming shoot.

Don’t miss out on this incredible new set and dreamy images – book today!!

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