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I’m part of an amazing project by a group of boudoir photographers, from all over the world. It’s called “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Gown”, and was created by Teri Hofford. We were loaned a beautiful gown by Trista Smith of Reclamation. A group of photographers will be shipping this gorgeous gown all around the world, each taking a turn photographing someone in it.


I’m excited to see everyone’s different take on photographing this gown. We all have our own unique styles and will all have different muses modeling it for us. So fun!


I had the honor of photographing my beautiful friend in it. I’ve known Nekeida since we were in 5th grade together. She’s my oldest friend. She’s the one that knows me as well as I know myself, really. I thought of her immediately when I was invited to join the group. Thank goodness she agreed to this project. My heart would’ve broken otherwise.


Nekeida is the type of woman you just long to be around. She’s someone I feel honored to call a best friend, a confidant. She’s the one person that’s supported me through the toughest times in my life, and the most amazing times too.


She is clearly magnetic & magic, as you can see in these photos. She’s a true gem and my favorite muse.


I love you, Nekeida.


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