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I’ve specialized in photographing boudoir for nearly a decade and throughout that time I’ve been surprised at how many people don’t even know that this genre of photography exists, let alone the ins & outs of it.


I thought it’d be helpful to shed some light on how I do boudoir. Read further to find the Top 6 Things You Should Know About Our Boudoir Sessions.


No. 1: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MODEL to have a boudoir session with me.


In fact, none of the women you see in my portfolio are models. I don’t photograph models. I shoot everyday women, just like you.


You don’t need to know how to pose or what to do. Here’s a little secret: NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DO THIS. Well, I know how to do it…but that’s only because it’s my job — my clients definitely don’t.


The thing is, I pose coach every single person I photograph from the tips of their toes, to the top of their head. I do this throughout the entire session. I don’t ask my clients to do something I won’t do first. I literally get into the pose I want them to do first before I even pick up my camera. And I do this for every. single. pose. I also still coach from behind my camera, too. I never leave my client wondering what to do next. There’s never any awkward moments of wondering if they’re “doing it right”, where they should be looking, what their hand should be doing, etc… Don’t worry : I GOT’CHU!


No. 2: My thoughts on retouching.


This is not your every day, every year family Christmas photo. This is a big deal & I don’t take it lightly at all. This is typically you, stepping way outside of your comfort zone…I also don’t take that lightly.


So, because this is not your every day photo shoot, I consider these fantasy sessions. I do a magazine quality retouch on every client which includes skin smoothing (unless I am specifically asked not to). I remove any blemishes or bruises. My motto is: If it will be gone within a month, I remove it.




I am an expert at posing, angles & lighting. This is my expertise, for every type of body. This is why I have clients that travel far and near for a session with me. I appreciate that so very much and am honored to be able to work with them.


Here’s an example of a before & after retouch:


No. 3: You do not have to share your photos.


The images you see on my website and social media are of my clients that have given me full permission to share them. I do not photograph models — just every day women, like you. It’s completely up to my clients if their images are shared publicly or not. I have many clients that choose not to share their images and those stay 100% private.


I will admit, it always makes me extra happy when my clients do allow their images to be shared, though I never pressure anyone to. When I get to share images it allows me to share my art. It also shows potential clients examples of my work and that they, too, can do this!


No. 4: Your boudoir session creation fee includes complimentary professional hair & makeup application, with false lashes. As well as champagne, water or soda.


When was the last time you were so pampered? Sit back & relax while our incredible stylist treats you to professional hair & makeup services while you enjoy a Mimosa, soda or water. Don’t worry about a thing. You’ll leave her chair looking, & feeling, like a million bucks!


No. 5: I have a massive Client Wardrobe Closet with lots of looks & styles.


You definitely do not have to limit your boudoir looks to just lingerie. I LOVE to think outside the box with wardrobe choices. The best thing on camera is texture vs. patterns. I love shooting crocheted pieces, lace, mesh, sequins, etc…


My wardrobe closet is filled with all of the best outfits, for all shapes & sizes, that look amazing on camera!


When I first started shooting boudoir I gave my clients lots of shopping tips and even offered to shop with them for the lingerie & outfits for their session. It was great but I soon realized how much more helpful it’d be if I took the hassle of shopping for lingerie off of their plate.


My clients have complete access to my Client Wardrobe Closet. I have sizes XXS to 6X, as well as heels from size 5.5 to 13. I style my clients from head to head for their shoot. It’s a glamorous experience from start to finish.


No. 6: My studio is huge with multiple beautiful sets!


The studio is glamorous and lovely and was a massive “labor of love” to create. It’s the best “babe cave” ever!


I’ve designed a living room set with an awesome bold blue couch and some really cool chairs. The natural light in this room is fantastic and the images that come out of it are stunning, especially, but not limited to, my highly requested couch reflection shot.


The stunning & massive fancy gold mirror is also always a “fan favorite”!


Moving on to the bedroom. Lots of magic has occurred in this room!


The outdoor BoHo set is so lovely, as well. It was the last set I created and has quickly become really loved and requested.


So?! Are you ready? Because I am! Let’s do this!

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