Wall Art: Why it’s a must-have! | Austin Boudoir Photography

So your boudoir session is done… Now what? Of course you could post your gorgeous photos online, or create a gorgeous heirloom album. Or maybe give some to your significant other…but have you considered wall art?

It’s honestly the perfect way to see the piece of art that you are on a daily basis. It’s a constant reminder of what a total bad ass you are, doing something so big & brave! Go you!! Wall art helps serve as a daily affirmation of your bravery, vulnerability and beauty.

A few ideas where you could hang your wall art:

  • Inside your closet — create a shrine to yourself!
  • A collection of your favorites above your bed.
  • Above your bathtub, or in your bathroom.
  • In a private hallway or walking space.
  • Or, hell…ABOVE THE FIREPLACE like one of my incredible maternity clients did a few years ago!

I speak from personal experience when I say how pivotal it’s been for me to see my gorgeous wall art all over my bedroom and bathroom. Check it out here:

PAST CLIENTS: Don’t forget that I archive all purchased images, so you can always come back for wall art. Treat yo’self!!

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