What Is Boudoir Photography? | Austin Boudoir Photography


Most people hear the word “boudoir” and jump to the conclusion…. naked photos. Okay yes, that is partly right… Sometimes I do take implied nudes or artistic fine art nudes but it is SO MUCH MORE than that.


Boudoir isn’t just about having the most gorgeous images you’ve ever seen of yourself… It’s also about the experience, the transformation and the growth that you’ll gain after your once in a lifetime shoot. 


I want every woman to have the experience of feeling sexy and gorgeous no matter her size, shape or age. I want her to know that she is worthy and beautiful just the way she is – not when she’s “lost that last 10 pounds”. I want her to love herself with all of her scars and battle wounds — not just the ones on the outside, but the inside as well.


My clients are cancer survivors, mothers, wives, business owners, teachers, lawyers, doctors, and women who have struggled with abuse, depression, loss and pain. All women have struggles, fears and insecurities but we cannot let our weaknesses define us and instead let them make us stronger and more powerful. 


Boudoir photography is transformative and healing. I have watched women of all ages and sizes see the beauty in themselves that they did not know they had. I’ve seen women gain confidence in themselves in a matter of hours, and I’ve seen women weep when they saw their images.


….and that’s why I do what I do.


I feel honored, privileged and forever grateful that I am able to help women see themselves in a different light, provide them with a lifelong memory of how gorgeous they are and increase self love, one by one!


I am forever humbled by the amazing women I get to meet and be a part of their self love journey.

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