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These last few months have been a whirlwind, I tell ya!  I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy and am soooo not ready to have this baby yet!  Ha!

We’ve been so busy I’m afraid I haven’t really relaxed at all and enjoyed being pregnant.  I haven’t had a choice, though.  My family decided to buy my parents house…that they’ve lived in for 25+ years.  The house I grew up in.  It’s a gorgeous home and we are so excited and blessed for the opportunity.

My parents bought a lil’ 5 acre farm about 20 minutes away and are massively downsizing.  So it’s been intense going through everything and moving in, ourselves, within the time frame set by our previous landlord.  We’ve technically done 2 big moves — my parents AND ours.

Oh!  And did I mention I was put on partial bed rest last month because my doctor saw signs of pre-term labor?!  Yea, it’s been really hard.  I swear I haven’t been as busy or done as much this entire pregnancy until I was put on bed rest.  Jeez!

But!  I’m still pregnant…  And the baby is doing just fine.  Thank goodness!

So, here’s a snippet of what’s kept me busy so far this year, in photo form:


My hubby brought me to see Daughter at The Mohawk in Austin.  It was such a beautiful show!


My awesome friend, and client, Nikki hosted a wig party at Coco Coquette in Austin.  OMG, if you haven’t gone to one of these yet…GO NOW!  So much fun!


I’ve been working on a monthly self portrait project with my son leading up to birth.  This is from week 32.  Knee deep in painting my new in-home studio!!  Yay!


I attended my son’s “Cowboy Day” at preschool!  It was such  wonderful morning.  He stuck to my side and whispered sweet nothings to me the entire time.  “I’m so happy you’re here, mama.”  “I love you, mama!”  Did my heart so much good!


Weekly sonograms, non-stress tests (as pictured above) and doctor visits have been my life since week 32.


Here’s our sweet baby at 33 weeks.  We are waiting to find out the sex!  What’s your guess?!


This was our last day in our old house.  It was bittersweet.  This is the room we brought this big 5 year old boy home to.


Moving boxes, bags and sweet puppy dogs!


Utah booked a lil’ cowboy modeling shoot for this adorable t-shirt by Sew Whimzy.


We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at my mom’s Donkey Birthday Party & Housewarming last weekend at the farm.


Baskin Robbins is back with their BUBBLEGUM ICE CREAM — my absolute favorite!


I’ve been taking my boy to swim lessons these last 2 weeks with Ms. Cathy Swim Austin.  He’s always sacked out afterwards and falls asleep on the long drive home!  Check him out in action HERE:  My Little Swimmer!


Check out that hair!!  Yay!  I love hairy babies!

So, yea.  I’ve been super busy with family and mama life.  How about you?  What have you been up to?

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