What To Wear Wednesdays | purple| Austin Boudoir Photography

Hi ladies!

Welcome back to What To Wear Wednesdays!  Here I hope you’ll find some inspiration for your very own session with us!

Today is all about PURPLE!  Purple is a beautiful color — it’s very versatile.  It comes in so many shades and they all work!  So many colors look great as accent pieces with purple as the main color!  Purple also looks fabulous on all skin types.

It’s fun to use a little bit of creativity to go outside the box!  Use other colors, in addition to black, for your boudoir session.  Yes, black is definitely a classic shade to use in boudoir photography, but bring in some other colors and you’ve now added a ton of interest to your gallery!

Take a look in your drawers + closets, ladies!
Start planning your session now!

Want to buy some of these pieces?  CLICK HERE to see this set on Polyvore.com.

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