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The Torrid Boudoir Experience

From the moment you arrive at your shoot, prepare to feel pampered, sexy and empowered.

    The Torrid Boudoir Experience…

    isn’t just about the photos. In every conversation, and through your session and reveal, our team makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed. We want every client to leave their session feeling amazing, with a renewed confidence – like they can conquer the world!

    When you arrive…

    our team will immediately get to work. We will have some snacks and beverages for you to enjoy throughout the morning. Being a model is exhausting – you will understand what I mean by that after your session!

    You can relax…

    while a professional stylist takes care of your hair and makeup needs! Elizabeth, our photographer, will be prepping her gear and the bedroom for your session. Once she’s done she will be hanging out with you, talking and laughing. This is your time to be pampered and enjoy yourself.

    When hair and makeup is done…

    our wardrobe stylist and Elizabeth will go over the outfits pulled for you from our exclusive boudoir wardrobe closet with you. Our stylist typically chooses between 4-7 outfits and it’s our goal to shoot as many as time allows.

    Earrings, bracelets and heels…

    Oh my! We have several accessories to accessorize your session! Sometimes there’s nothing like a cute pair of undies and a gorgeous necklace…and nothing else. Right, ladies?

    The Big Reveal!

    Two weeks after your session, we will sit down for your gallery reveal + ordering appointment. You can relax and view your photos and choose your favorites for your album or to display in your home! Upgrades are available at this time.

    Make sure to have a fun evening or afternoon planned!

    Happy hour with girlfriends or a date night with your partner is a great way to end your special day. After a few hours of pampering you will feel amazing and you’ll look stunning! If the session is a surprise for your lover, we can mastermind some ideas to explain the hair and makeup. “I was walking through the mall and the makeup counters weren’t full. They were bored and needed someone to make over!” We’ve been a part of LOTS of surprises and can’t wait to be a part of yours too!

    A special gift…

    just for you, on your way out. Because you’re beautiful and because we truly love our clients.


    One week prior to your session you need to increase your water intake. Well hydrated skin photographs beautifully and has a healthy glow.

    Your nails can make or break a photograph if they are not well maintained. I recommend that you stick with nude colors. They seem to photograph the best for boudoir shots. Here is a fun article about which nude color to choose: “The Best Nude Nail Polishes for Your Skin Tone”.

    Consider treating yourself to some eyelash extensions a few days before your session. I have compiled a list of local boutiques that specialize in eyelash extensions HERE. If you don’t want to get extensions, you can always ask us to grab some falsies for you (at an additional fee of $10) OR you can grab some yourself and your Torrid Boudoir stylist will apply them for you. Extensions and fake lashes really are a must! The will help accentuate your eyes and make them really pop in your photos.

    Whiten your teeth before you show that beautiful smile. There are tons of new teeth whiteners that you can grab at your local grocery store these days!

    Moisturize you hair and skin.

    Get a good nights sleep for at least two nights before you step in front of the camera.

    Make sure to eat a small, healthy meal the night before your session.  We will also have snack and beverages for you.  Our sessions last up to 4 hours and you will need your energy to hold those sexy poses!

    Grab your favorite bottle of wine on your way if you want something special while getting ready, if you’d like. Otherwise, we’ve got you covered.

    We have a gorgeous wardrobe closet ready & waiting for you.  We also have heels and lots of beautiful accessories. If you have something special you’d like to wear, please definitely bring it along.


    NOT a good idea, ladies. If you tan in the sun you are left with tan lines…unless you are an exhibitionist and tan in the nude, that is. The natural sun dries out your skin and makes it look older than it really is. A healthy glow is all you really need. If you must lay out in the harsh rays of the sun, do so no closer than one week prior to your shoot. Your skin needs at least 5 days to recover from UV exposure. Just be mindful of those tan lines, and be very careful not to burn. Tanning in a bed at a salon may be relaxing. but it gives the skin an orange overtone. Even if you don’t seem to see that bronzing affect in the mirror I promise the new digital cameras that we use will pick it up. Any artificial tanning method bronzes your skin. Self tanners are the worst for photography as they tend to streak no matter how diligent you are at applying it.For those of you who just simply must be a few shades darker: go to a professional salon that specializes in air brushing. The professionals are trained to give your skin a sun-kissed look without the orange tone and with no streaks.

    When we decide to have boudoir portraits taken the first thing we typically panic about is our weight. Dieting is something that can really be harmful if done to extremes. Losing a few pounds or toning those soft areas is fine. Just make sure you do it in a healthy way so that you look your very best. There is nothing worse than trying to photograph a model that has no energy, no glow and looks lifeless on camera.

    The morning of the shoot you must avoid wearing anything with elastic. You don’t want to have unsightly marks from panties, waistbands or even bras. Wear a robe or a loose-fitting button up shirt and some very loose-fitting draw string pants. Or a slip on dress that you can pull down instead of over your head. The red impressions that panties and bras leave behind will not go away during your photo shoot and tend to make editing a nightmare.

    If you have something special you’d like to wear, please definitely bring it along.  Some women have a special necklace, pair of heels, outfit, etc…  It’s always nice to have extra stuff to choose from.

    Maybe you have your grandmother’s old pearl necklace, or a special family ring.  Bring it along!

    If you have some special, sexy heels — bring them! We also have a closet full of heels for your use.

    You’re welcome to bring along a robe to wear while getting your hair + make up done, but it’s definitely not necessary.

    A flower, a hair clip, a birdcage veil, your veil – if you’re a bride, etc…

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