body image bootcamp

Body Image Bootcamp | Austin Boudoir Photography


I just spent six weeks with a group of WARRIOR WOMEN.

I met with these 7 seven warrior women every Thursday night for a couple of hours. I bonded with these women and taught to them about how we learn about self love and body image. I taught them about the fact that WE ALL HAVE BODY IMAGE ISSUES. I talked about how every single person lives in fear of FAT. We either don’t want to get fat…OR we don’t want to stay fat.We looked into our pasts and shared our experiences with body positivity, body negativity & body neutrality. We dug deep and were vulnerable. We got real.

I watched these women grow, bloom and morph into literal BODY & SELF LOVE WARRIORS right before my eyes.

We sat around my boudoir studio living room and journaled & cried & laughed & had amazing light-bulb-moments together. It was a safe weekly “group therapy” type of space and it was magical.


We shared our stories and realized that no matter how different we are, we are all so very much the same.


We ALL struggle with body image and with pursuing the great journey to self love, body neutrality and body acceptance.





body image bootcamp

body image bootcamp


body image bootcamp body image bootcamp body image bootcamp body image bootcamp

I want to thank each and every one of you ladies, my BIBC OGs, for trusting me and the process. Thank you for your vulnerability and strength. Thank you for your truth. I am so incredibly proud of each of you! I love you like fire.

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  • Sally Pierce-Leissner
    Posted at 13:38h, 22 May

    thank you Elizabeth!!! LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!!

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