HIDDEN GEMS OF THE STUDIO: The Abyss | Austin Boudoir Photography

Hey there Boudoir Baddies! So if you’ve seen the other parts to this series you know we have highlighted all of our favorite spots in the studio to shoot from the actual boudoir to the rock floor, the velvet couch, green chair, windows, and mirror, even the secret garden.

But there is one area we haven’t shared yet, that I like to call “The Abyss” – and it’s actually my FAVORITE! Let me tell you why!

The Abyss is literally shooting with the entire studio as your background. Not just a single anchoring piece – and the reason it’s my favorite is that YOU are literally the main character! No one sees these photos and says “wow, that mirror is amazing”, or ;”look at that couch!’. All they see is YOU! The abyss can sometimes be a wall, having the fireplace in your background, or even utilizing the divider curtains in-between rooms!.

To some women that might seem super scary, but honestly it’s the entire reason for boudoir. It’s also the reason you will hear me say that I don’t shoot with props like lots of other photographers do. No Victorias Secret angel wings, no milk baths, no tutu’s, honey, whipped cream, or anything else that would take the attention AWAY from you! The entire point of boudoir is so we see you, the real woman behind the photos.

The woman that was brave enough, strong enough, and had the courage to strip down in front of a stranger (me) and have her photos taken! At the end of the day, boudoir could be a gift for anyone, but it really is a gift of self love to yourself.

I hope you enjoy seeing all of these images shot in “the abyss”! Let me know if this is something you would want to see in your next shoot!

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