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Welcome! My name is Elizabeth, and I am the proud owner of Torrid Boudoir in Austin, Texas. My goal is to work with women of all shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing them to discover their true beauty even if they don’t see it themselves. Welcome to my blog series where we explore each “set” that you see in my work so we can dive a bit deeper into each! Don’t forget, if you love a certain area of the studio and want to make sure you’re photographed there, just ask during your session or in the planning process!

Today we’re exploring The Bedroom – quite literally the boudoir! This room has changed over the years several times — different beds, wall hangings, etc…but notice how, with different linens, wardrobe, lighting…even subject, it looks quite different in everyone’s photos! I strive to make sure everyone feels like their session is uniquely them, and I believe this shows just that! So let’s dive into The Bedroom!

The Power of Color

When it comes to creating a unique and alluring atmosphere in the bedroom, the choice of bedding color is of utmost importance. Each color palette has the ability to set the mood and evoke specific emotions. Brides may want something bright and white, while maternity might want a softer grey. Adding in fur throws adds another element as well.

Harnessing the Beauty of Natural Light

In the realm of boudoir photography, natural light is an incredible tool that can enhance the visual appeal of any set. I understand the importance of utilizing natural light to capture stunning and authentic images that showcase my clients’ natural beauty.

Even though we always shoot in the morning, different weather conditions, even time of year can give different effects to the light in the room. It’s always fun to see how we use the light to create the mood you’re going for in your shoot!

Location: One room, many angles

As you’ll see in these photos, the bedroom offers so much more than the bed! Of course we utilize is often, in fact its the home of what I call “the muse”, one of my favorite poses! But we also use the bench at the end and shoot from the door, my famous tushy Tuesday posts are often shot right by the bedroom window, and I sometimes use the chandelier as a foreground prop to give some sophistication and elegance to your shoot.

Wardrobe Choices: The Essence of Individuality

The choice of wardrobe is a pivotal aspect of boudoir photography as it allows my clients to express their individuality and boost their self-confidence. Each outfit tells a story and contributes to the overall ambiance of the boudoir set. All wardrobe is provided by Torrid Boudoir for your shoot! I carry sizes XS-6X and every piece is curated not only to look amazing on you and make you feel amazing in it, but also to be photographed well! I also have heels, jewelry, and you can add on harnesses, body jewelry, and more!!

The bedroom set is a remarkable canvas for creating captivating boudoir photography. I am able to transform this intimate space into a personalized boudoir experience that celebrates the unique beauty of every woman. At Torrid Boudoir, I am committed to capturing the essence and confidence of my clients, allowing them to truly see how beautiful they are.

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