I Know Why the Caged Bird Sang | Austin Boudoir Photography

I have this friend. She’s a fellow photographer. I call her my photography soul mate. She’s so beautiful. In so many ways.
We met at my son’s dance studio, 6 years ago, when he was 2 years old. She had a daughter a year older than my son and they became fast friends.
On our very first play date, we spilled our deepest, darkest secrets to each other while our kids played on her backyard swing set. We also became fast friends, & confidants. We were immediate soul mates.
She told me about her marriage, her husband. She told me about how neglectful of her he was. How neglectful he was of his daughters. I was immediately protective over my friend. I saw through her husband’s charming demeanor. I was sad for her and her daughters. I knew how much she did NOT deserve that treatment. I knew how much more she deserved.

I desperately wanted her to see her worth too.

But, as with many things…it takes TIME. And it’s something that my friend needed to realize for herself.
She finally stood up for herself, advocated for herself and freed herself from that relationship earlier this year. I photographed her shortly after their divorce was final. That was her second boudoir shoot with me. Her first was beautiful, but this second one was MAGICAL.
She was a damn majestic unicorn, y’all. She radiated strength, bravery & confidence.
I’m so proud of my friend. I’m so relieved that she made it out of that unfulfilling and abusive relationship. I’m so happy that she took such a huge step in her own self-care journey.

She is a bad ass Queen and I am blessed to know her.


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