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Hello to our lovely community!

I have some super important and exciting news to share! As you may know, our beloved Nikki moved on from our team last month. While we miss her terribly, we are excited to introduce a fantastic new talent who will be stepping into her shoes – Mia, our new Social Media Manager!

Mia is joining us to continue the incredible work Nikki started, focusing on crafting engaging and inspiring videos for our Instagram and TikTok audiences. With her fresh perspective and creative flair, Mia is all set to take our video content to the next level.

Her mission? To keep bringing you those fun, empowering and heartwarming videos that you’ve loved. Mia understands the essence of our brand and is dedicated to celebrating the diverse beauty of all women, just as Nikki did.

As she takes the helm of our social media video content, she is eager to maintain the same spirit of happiness, silliness and inspiration, while also sprinkling in her unique style and creativity. We’re confident her work will not only honor Nikki’s legacy but also bring a new vibrancy to our platforms. So, get ready for an exciting mix of behind-the-scenes glimpses, transformative journeys, and uplifting content that celebrates the power of self-love and confidence.

A big welcome to Mia! We’re excited for you to continue this journey with us and can’t wait to see how your talents will enrich our community’s experience.

Stay tuned for Mia’s first creations and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with her. Together, let’s keep building a space that radiates positivity, empowerment, and the beauty of being uniquely you.

Q+A with Mia

How long have you been a social media manager?
I’ve been a social media manger since 2022,

What’s your favorite part about your job?
My favorite part about my job is meeting new people and to exploring their business / gettung to know what their business is all about.

What are your hobbies outside of your work?
My hobbies outside of work are hanging out with friends and going to the gym. I’m an ex-competitive cheerleader so going to the gym is the closest I can get to working out/having fun like I used to in cheer.

What are your FAVORITES?
: any Mexican food
Drink: probably water … kinda boring but never been a big soda fan
Color: blue
Band/Musician: Drake and sza
Movie: Ugh, so many. Honestly, any Marvel movie, especially The Avengers movies
Animal: sharks & dogs

Why did you want to work with Elizabeth &  Torrid Boudoir?
I wanted to work with Elizabeth & Torrid Boudoir because I love their account and how it’s body positive no matter your size. Also how welcoming they are to anyone and everyone. It’s a safe space for all.

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