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Hair + Makeup Artist: Lauren Torres | Unleashed By Lauren


Nekeida is my oldest best friend.  We met when we were in 5th grade but became really close in high school, around 11th grade.

I’ve always considered Nekeida a sort of muse of mine. She always seems to know exactly what to say to help me through when I’m struggling. She is strong, smart, unbelievably gorgeous, inspiring, giving, silly, loyal…..the list just goes on & on. Everyone that knows her feels that their life is enriched because of her. Guaranteed.

A couple of years ago, she urged me to listen to the brand new Beyoncé album, “Lemonade“. I meant to listen to it but always seemed to forget. About 6 months ago a good photographer friend of mine, Lindsay Rae, posted on Facebook about some music that she loved to shoot to. “Lemonade” was on her list, near the top.

So I bought the album, which included the Lemonade movie. To say that it changed my life immediately would be a total understatement.

I’ve always appreciated Beyoncé’s music and business sense, but until I experiences the genius of this album I just didn’t “get it”. Now I do.

I immediately decided that I wanted to create a Lemonade inspired photo shoot.  And it had to feature my lovely friend, Nekeida. I wanted to shoot the entire session without speaking – only playing the Lemonade album, from beginning to end, and shooting along to it.  So, we did. And it was incredible. Such a beautiful thing to experience with my best friend.  I am so thankful to her for going along with my vision.



Q+A with Nekeida


Why did you book a boudoir session? What’s your story?

It’s been a long time coming, but I was presented with an idea that I couldn’t refuse.

Going into the shoot, were you worried about anything?

Yes. I was worried mostly about the outcome. Posing in clothes comes natural to me, but since having kids my body has done some things that has played into my insecurities as a woman and I wasn’t sure how/if that would translate on camera or the images that I saw.

Looking back on the planning process, do you feel like you were given adequate information and references to help you prepare for your shoot?

I think my shoot was unique in several ways and didn’t require a great deal of information prior to. I am certain that when I brave the “Full Monty”, more planning would be required.

What would you tell other women about doing a boudoir shoot with Torrid Boudoir?

Just do it! Every woman should. Let go of any inhibitions and remember you only live once. Though you may not be totally secure with your body, embrace the parts that you do love…and you’ll learn to love the parts that you don’t.

What was your favorite part of your session?

There were so many great parts, but if I had to narrow it to my most favorite part(s), it would be the photographer and the music.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

I wish I would have gone further. I will eventually.

Would you have another boudoir shoot with Torrid Boudoir in the future?


What changes have you noticed in yourself after your photo shoot with Torrid Boudoir?

Truth, I have noticed that I need to work out for several reasons, one being to get prepared for the unexpected workout of poising…LOL!


I love you Nekeida — more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for finally allowing me to photograph you. I’ll never forget that special day.

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