A Boudoir Price Shopping Nightmare

I recently met with Christine (my now client) who told me about her boudoir price shopping nightmare.

She had always dreamed of doing a boudoir shoot as a gift to her husband, and for herself.

Christine wasn’t educated on all the details that go into a boudoir shoot and on all of the different session options. So, she went shopping for a photographer solely based on price…

Christine found a photographer on Facebook at a great price and booked her shoot. They had not met prior to the shoot, so Christine did her best to prepare, based on what she thought she needed.

FAST FORWARD and Christine left her photo shoot feeling discouraged, rushed and like she had failed her shoot. When she saw her images, she saw the nervousness in her expressions and was reminded of her stressful experience every time she looked at them. The poses looked awkward too, mostly because she wasn’t told what to do. The photographer gave her no direction.

This photographer showed Christine her unedited images the day of the shoot at a “Same Day Reveal”. Something the photographer said to her as she sat down to see her gallery was, “When you’re looking at these photos, just be sure you like the way your face looks because I can fix the rest.”

How awful is that?!! As if her body would need any kind of “fixing”. So completely rude and hurtful.

It’s our job as photographers to be experts at posing, lighting & angles as well as understanding how to photograph ALL body types. This is why it’s so important to get the image right IN CAMERA and not depend on manipulating the photo in post-processing with tools like Lightroom & Photoshop.

Here’s the thing…

Christine totally stepped out of her comfort zone to do something incredibly vulnerable. She was hoping to feel empowered and transformed. Instead, she felt embarrassed, disappointed and like she had completely wasted her money.

I was seriously SO glad when Christine contacted me. She had an amazing time during our shoot and – I kid you not – she cried during her Gallery Reveal Appointment when she saw her images. She was so blown away! They were the most gorgeous photos she’d ever seen of herself, and for the first time, she was truly seeing how beautiful she was and how her husband, friends and family saw her.

Beware of price shopping and make sure you do your due diligence to avoid an experience like Christine had!

Like I said a few emails ago, booking a boudoir session really is a HUGE thing. This is a fantasy photo shoot with a lot of moving parts and details to be taken care of.

This is not a decision you’ll want to make lightly. Do your research and choose your boudoir photographer carefully.

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