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I am blessed with an incredibly loving, supportive, strong & encouraging husband.  Just 3 weeks ago I left town for a week in Vegas for WPPI.  He stayed home and held down the fort — with no complaints at all.  A few months ago I made plans to drive to Houston (all by myself) during Spring Break to meet some incredible online friends I’ve had for a little more than a year.  My hubby fully supported this trip — he took care of our darling boy, Utah, and was nothing but happy about it.  He truly is an amazing man.  I also had lots of help from my dear friend Emily, as well as my sister Emily. I am so incredibly blessed.

I realized the night before I left for my little 3 day trip that I had never gone on a trip all by myself.  And it was exciting and a bit scary!  But more exciting.

Here’s what I had to say as I sat in the parking lot of BJ’s in Houston, almost on my way back home.

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I had a blast!

Christine & meMe & Christine at BJ’s Restaurant

I met these friends because I put myself out there.  I introduced myself via private message.  I made sure to speak up & give my opinion & advice in boudoir forums.  I shared my work. I asked questions.  I made myself part of the community.

That’s all it takes, folks.  Put yourself out there.  Meet people.  Learn new things.  Experience life.  Have fun!



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