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After each session, I send out a little post-session questionnaire. I’m going to share some of the responses I’ve gotten over the years to one of the questions I ask. 

What would you tell other women about doing a boudoir shoot with Torrid Boudoir?

“You will NEVER regret allowing yourself to experience the immense self love that comes from doing a shoot with Torrid Boudoir! I can’t describe the “high” in words. It’s just the best feeling to be so supported by other wonderful women, and to be in such an appreciative and safe environment!”

“Go for it! Don’t wait until you’re the perfect weight or size. None of that matters.The Torrid Boudoir girls will make you look and feel like a rock star.”

“Do it. Just do it. My only regret is not doing it sooner! It gave me so much confidence back. It reconnected me to my femininity, my sensuality, my inner goddess! I know that might sound cheesy, but it is 1000% true. Not only did the actual shoot and the resulting photos give me a huge confidence boost and make me appreciate my wonderful body in ways I NEVER had, but the time leading up to the shoot also helped. I spent the week before my shoot pampering myself and just doing that, more than I normally would, started to give me some confidence back.”

“DO IT. TREAT YO’SELF. It’s worth it. It’s amazing. The Torrid Boudoir team is amazing. You will feel amazing during, after and even 5 months later because of it.”

“Don’t wait, just do it. Elizabeth and the beauty team rock everything, plus they make you feel very comfortable!”

“Trust the ladies, relax, and have fun. And try some things that may be a bit scary you or are outside your comfort zone (like nudes). You can always pass on those photos if they don’t work for you.”

“It is the best possible thing you could do for yourself. Sometimes we forget our own beauty. Elizabeth captures or best features… Even the ones we forget we have.”

“Elizabeth is a goddamn genius and so professional. She really impressed the hell out of me with the way she runs her business. Not only that, but she is an expert at putting you in flattering poses. And every woman deserves this opportunity.”

“It was terrifying to do something like this. I’m 5’3 and 190, and I didn’t think there was any way that I would feel glamorous. I thought there was no way I’d find myself again or see myself as more than just a wife, or just a mother. But, once I saw the photos though, I caught a glimpse of who I used to be and saw myself as not only a wife and mother, but who I used to be. Don’t talk yourself out of doing something like this. It may just give you that bit of something that you didn’t see before.”

“It’s amazing! Seriously life changing. I’m amazed at how intimate the session was and it’s definitely an experience. I felt beautiful, sexy, and fierce! I left the shoot feeling like a bad ass female!”

“I would say leave any doubts, body issues, insecurities, nerves and inhibitions at Elizabeth’s studio front door. Elizabeth and her team are professionals who do this for a living. They will make you look as beautiful as you feel, if you just listen to them. If you are asked to stick out your booty, then stick that booty out as far as you can. Even though this photo shoot will be a totally awesome experience, it’s hard work pointing those toes and the next day your muscles will be sore. You can be as clothed or as nude as you are comfortable with. Once the shoot gets started only Elizabeth will be in the studio with you. Have a good sense of humor during the process. Some kind of silliness is bound to happen. (I couldn’t snap my body suit closed and they had to do it for me.) I would say do this for yourself. Yes, I’m married. Yes, I’ve shown him the pictures. Yes, I told anyone who would listen I was getting these pictures made. But in spite of all of that, the pictures were for me. To remind myself that I’m worthy, I’m sexy, I’m awesome and I deserve it.”

“This will be an experience you will never forget or regret. It is an investment well worth it. There is nothing you will ever be able to buy that will improve your self image more…..and you gain an amazing friend in Elizabeth.”

“DO IT NOW!!! I have no clue why I waited so long to do one. It doesn’t matter if you’re a single woman and have no one to give the pictures too – DO IT NOW, for yourself. It will give you a confidence boost, bring back lost confidence, or define the confidence you’ve never felt you had. I’m excited to get my pictures and will proudly display them in my house because I am hot, sexy and got my confidence back!”

“I see so many other women say “Don’t wait and do it now”. I have to agree! This was for me. It was an investment I did for MYSELF and I couldn’t be happier. This shoot has helped me with self love. I used to tear myself down with my own words or even physically at one point. This made me see myself in a different light. I have women tell me “when I lose weight”, “when I have the funds”, and every other reason. Once you actually do it you will see why all these women say “Do it now!”. The Torrid Boudoir team will take care of you before, during and after.”

“It’s a once in a lifetime photo shoot. Do it for yourself! Elizabeth is now my friend and the most amazing photographer ever!!”

“Arrive with an open mind. My shoot lasted about 3-4 hours but we had so much fun, the time flew by before I realized it was already the afternoon! Elizabeth and her talented staff are so accommodating and friendly I couldn’t have asked for better women to work with in such an intimate setting. I felt completely at home from the moment I walked into the “set”. The best advice I have is to have fun and be yourself! Let Elizabeth & her camera do the rest & watch yourself transform into the sexiest version of yourself!”

“Just do it! Cellulite and modesty – leave those at the door! You will not regret it, I promise!”

“If anyone – male or female – is considering a shoot, I’d say: DON’T over think it! I totally did. Again, I was worried about all the minor details that proved to be so irrelevant and insignificant once I got through my shoot. I have carried this over into my everyday view of myself since then.”

“Just do it! Every woman should. Let go of inhibitions and remember you only live once. Though you may not be totally secure with your body, embrace the parts that you do and learn to love the parts that you don’t.”

“If I could do it, ANYONE do it can – seriously! The incredible stylists & photographer make you feel 100% comfortable. If you have a specific pose or outfit in mind, do it.”

“I would recommend going in relaxed and excited to try something new. I really enjoyed my shoot, I felt supported and encouraged to break out of my comfort zone”

“I always tell them that they absolutely should do a boudoir shoot with Torrid Boudoir. The experience was so empowering and fun. It was like having a 4 hour compliment session where you look amazing and end up feeling incredible as well. It’s awesome being pampered right as you walk in the door. With getting your makeup done, your hair done and putting on some beautiful & sexy clothes, picked out just for you, that everyone knows is going to make you look damn good was an absolute delight and an experience every woman should have.”

“I wish I could truly express to them how life changing this process is. I didn’t have a husband or boyfriend I was doing this for – I was doing it for me. But I really didn’t know how life changing it would actually be. Most of the women I know – we all talk about the things we would like to change about ourselves. Even when I booked the session I was going to lose 10 lbs and get a nice tan and do all these things that I thought I needed to make me beautiful. But of course life gets busy and I didn’t lose any weight and I never had a moment to just go lay out but I decided to do the session anyway. I had a couple of moments of freaking out, but in the end I can honestly say that I see myself in a totally different light – “imperfections” and all. Because in reality they are not imperfections… they are what makes me, me. I embrace my body and inner sex goddess more than ever! So, if I can go from being the insecure person that I was to being the way I have been these past few weeks…then everyone who thinks they need to change something about themselves needs to go through this process. Stop waiting for the moment, because the moment is now.”

“It was such an incredible experience. No matter who you are or what you look like, Elizabeth will make you feel like a sexy supermodel and you will have a fresh and inspiring new light inside of you. Book your shoot now!”

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