My team and I tried a fun little set up at a session last April and I immediately fell in love with the results.  So I've done it again and again at a lot of my following sessions.  I've decided to make it a sort of project.  I'd like to eventually make a little book of them all.  With the help of my makeup artist and wardrobe stylist/assistant, we sweep a sheet over the client over and over and capture her between the sheets, between the sheet falling over her face and body. I am calling this project "Between the Sheets".  I request that my clients wear a white crochet or lacy top.  They can also choose to be nude.  It always works so well in the white sheets.

Who knew hair tattoo's could be fancy AF?!

Hair tattoos...  *sigh*

I have always wanted one!  Man, how great would that be to rock a big ass tattoo on the side of my already shaved head?!  It would make my mo-hawk EXTRA fancy.  While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed today I came across the most awesome article I've seen in a hot minute…  Ready for it?  You can use Scünci temporary tattoo’s in your hair!